Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits

With so many different flavors and textures flowing from our kitchen, our wine list is always expanding and improving in order to allow for some very creative pairings. We acquire new wines almost daily.

We place a very high premium on offering high quality, approachable wines from small, independent estates, but we also value affordability. Therefore, we want to make these wines accessible to all of our guests, while we strive to collaborate with talented vintners from all over the world.

Here at Logan, we feel that when the culture and passion of like-minded individuals are expressed, the culminating experiences are truly memorable. However, don't think that we put all of our grapes in one basket. Wine may be the backbone of our beverage revenue, but we also provide a superb selection of bottled beer and spirits, including an exquisite selection of single-malt scotch.

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For the latest information about our selections, please give us a call at (734) 327-2312