September 2016 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter Logan Restaurant

Welcome Back!

It’s September, a new school year is starting, and Ann Arbor’s seasonal cycle resets. It’s always a little bittersweet to see summer go, but late summer nights are just right for dining al fresco, especially since it hasn’t been the most ideal summer so far for that. As we gear up for football games and the changing colors of autumn, enjoy the fleeting beauty of now.

Cocktail Hour…

Speaking of seasonal changes, here’s a heads up for all you Summer fans out there! It’s time for us to revamp our “House Specialty Cocktails” and come up with some new selections for fall. We’ve been adding some new items to the bar, and here’s a partial list. Ann Arbor’s own Waterhill Vodka and Gin, Two James “Nain Rouge” absinthe, Zucca Rabarero, and Becherovka. Want to know what they are? Or, better yet, what we’re doing with them? Now’s the perfect time to check out some unbridled creativity until the new list is done… There’s four front-row seats at the bar, come and get ‘em.

Chef's Garden Spot

But, hey, it is still summer after all, and summer means gardening. We are so excited! Chef’s garden is coming along beautifully, and we are starting to reap the first produce of the season. Ground cherries have been super-abundant, and the baby eggplant are delicious. We got our first squash, a stately forest-green and mottled one. We think it is a kobucha, a Japanese variety, but when you grow them from seeds, they don’t have any labels! Who knew? It is pretty tasty, whatever it is… We are coming into the heirloom tomato season, and we’re pulling our own mozzarella for Chef’s signature Caprese Salad. It’s not something to miss. That’s the news for now from Logan; hope to see you all very soon!