Restaurant Week at Logan

Restaurant Week Menu

1st Course

Choose one of the following:

Shrimp & Grits Toast

Lobster reduction and sourdough

Roasted Vegetable Mousse

Feta cheese, pine nuts, mint coulis and cucumber

2nd Course

Choose one of the following:

Pesto Arugula Caesar

Parmesan, anchovies, romaine and croutons

Logan Salad

Organic mixed greens, 30-year sherry vinaigrette

3rd Course

Choose one of the following:

Short ribs

Roasted potatoes & carrots, red wine veal reduction, bacon

Atlantic Salmon

Tarragon, leeks, tomato fennel pollen sauce, squash

Tunisian Pork tenderloin

Harissa, honey, tabil spiced couscous, ginger carrots, yogurt

Lemon Miso Noodles

Roasted zucchini, garlic & tomatoes, handmade noodles, goat cheese mousse

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