October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter Logan Restaurant

New Menu Items!

The season is changing, and it’s time to update our menu! Chef Thad has been working diligently to create several totally new dishes, such as a feta cheese and cherry salad, dressed with an herbed lemon vinaigrette, and garnished with duck cracklings. There is a completely new salmon entrée, utilizing Scottish salmon, bamboo-scented rice, brown butter-lime broccolini, and an amazing sauce of miso and Korean mustard.

Quail was added to our menu, served with a stunning roasted chicken-black garlic reduction sauce, miso-chili braised rapini, seared oyster mushrooms, and gruyere mashed potatoes.

There’s a new vegan dish, Samosas; crispy pastry pockets, filled with potatoes, preserved lemon, peas, and caraway seeds, served with a roasted eggplant, tamarind, and chick pea sauce.

All have been well received so far, and we have been coming up with some great wine pairings to accompany them. In addition to these new items, Chef has also redone several existing dishes, such as the gnocchi, the short ribs, and our shrimp entrée, and added new items to the offering of sides, as well. There’s so much to check out!

Chef’s Garden Spot

Though this has been a kind of slow growing season thus far this year, the late, unseasonably warm conditions are helping to make up lost time. Great heirloom tomatoes and peaches have been coming in, and we look forward to some autumnal bounty. Next month, we are planning to do a dinner event centering on the garden; keep reading our newsletters for details!