May 2016 Newsletter

May 2016 Newsleter Logan Restaurant

Isn’t it Romantic?

Thank you very much Metro Times readers for naming Logan “Most Romantic Restaurant - Washtenaw County”! We love you, too! Come see us soon! This is a perfect time to rekindle your romance, enjoy a glass of champagne and some great food, and enjoy some quiet time together. Just a reminder, this is the prime season for anniversaries. Be a hero, don’t forget to make a reservation…

Chef’s Garden Spot

Well, April has come and gone, and it wasn’t a hospitable month for gardening… Finally, the trees are budding, the grass is growing, and tulips are blooming everywhere. It won’t be long and planting will begin. Anticipation!

Take it Outside!

We’d also like to thank our friends at “The Current” for their nice review of our outside seating area. The weather is finally warming up, and we are ready to go! Seating, as always, is first come, first served outside. We can’t reserve outside tables days in advance, but we will do our best to accommodate “call ahead” seating for the same day. Hope to see you soon!

April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter Logan Restaurant

Chef’s Garden Spot

As the snow melts, and the earth thaws, we are looking forward to planting Chef’s Garden. Looking at the list of things that Chef has planned, it should be an interesting and delicious season. There will be roots: radishes, whose bulbs we’ll pickle, and beets. There will be squash and melons: zucchini, for blossoms, cucumbers, kabocha (a dark fleshed Japanese squash), and tiny Japanese eggplant. The biggest share of the garden will be heirloom tomatoes, because we just can’t get enough of those...Other items are still being considered, and I’m sure the list won’t be complete until the planting is actually done. We’ll keep you updated here and on Facebook as it all unfolds.

Summer in April

But for now, if you haven’t stopped in for a drink over the past few months, you really are in for a treat! Our new bartender, Summer Arend, has created an entirely new list of specialty cocktails for us, and they are easily the most sophisticated collection we’ve ever offered. Though we have always been proud of our cocktail program here, Summer has helped us to create a more contemporary “back bar” with many new flavors that we’ve never had before. Combine that with our great wine pours and amazing food, and you’ll find one of the best “secret” spots for a drink, a snack, or a complete dining experience available anywhere! Come play!

Odds & Ends

Chef Thad is currently working on a menu update, and when that happens we see those dishes develop as “specials” and new items on our “Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu”. Some of them stay, others may go, but it is really interesting time to see the kitchen’s work in progress. Check it out! Seems hard to believe but we’re just days away from having our outside seating available again! We’d like to open this weekend of April 22nd -23rd. This is Michigan, so that might not happen if Mother Nature disagrees. Well, thanks for taking the time to get caught up on the happenings down here at Logan, and we hope to see you all very soon!

March 2016 Newsletter

Logan’s Spring Celebration

It’s been a long, cold winter, but the days are getting longer… Is Spring finally coming? Oh yeah, and it is time to celebrate! Call your friends, make a plan! It’s time to shake off the cabin fever with some great wine and food! We invite you to enjoy our Spring Celebration: Chef’s delicious Five Course Tasting Menu, paired with a lovingly chosen flight of five wines to accentuate each course.

Logan’s Spring Celebration

March 29th – April 2nd
$100 per person for food and wine

Four Seasons of Logan

For those of you who have asked “When are you doing another special wine dinner?” Your wait is over! In addition to our very popular events like Restaurant Week, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve, we want to offer you a more relaxed, set- your-own pace type of experience. Frankly, a more “Logan” type of experience. Here’s the plan: Each season, we will pick a week to highlight our “Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu” with a specially chosen flight of five wines to accompany it perfectly. The wine selections for our Spring, Summer, and Fall flights will emphasize fun, festive wines that are also great values. Our Winter flight will correspond with our 12th Anniversary, and expect that to be more luxurious. Keep this little calendar if you must, but we also will give you plenty of notice as these dates draw near. Hope to see you all here!

Four Seasons of Logan

Spring Celebration: Mar 29th - Apr 2nd, $100 per person for food and wine
Summer Celebration: Aug 23rd - Sep 3rd
Autumn Celebration: October 4th - 8th
Winter Celebration: November 15th - 19th

February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter Logan Restaurant

Hello, Friends of Logan! Hope all of you all have had lovely holidays and are off to a happy new year. All of us here would like to thank you for your continued, wonderful support. 2015 was a challenging year, but it turned out to be one of our best. Thank you, also, for a really great Restaurant Week. They are hard work, but we appreciate how much they mean to so many folks. It’s great when it all comes together… Now, for some new stuff!

Despite the fact that St. Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, we will be open for it. Sorry for any confusion about that. As in year’s past, we will be doing a special five-course menu. Our regular menu will not be available that night. As always, we will be offering an optional wine flight to accompany this menu. Actually, we will be offering two flights that evening, our Contemporary ($35), which includes more innovative selections, and the Classic ($50), which includes more “great” wines. Either way, it’s sure to be a memorable evening. When making reservations, please remember we do need credit card information to confirm your reservation, so please have that handy when calling or booking on line. Hope to see you here!

St Valentine’s Day at Logan:
Five Course Tasting Menu $70
Optional Wine Flights $35 and $50

May 2015 Newsletter

Thank You Metro Times Reader’s

If you have not heard we have been voted the “Best Restaurant in Washtenaw County”! Come dine with us and enjoy the Logan experience.

See the Detroit Metro Times article here!

The Patio is Set!

We have set up the patio outside Come enjoy the beautiful views of Washington St. while dining on the best food in town. Please remember we do not accept reservations for the outdoor seating. So stop by on a moments notice and enjoy Logan al fresco!