February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter

Winter Welcome

As we get deeper into Winter’s frosty grip, a little Logan food and service is the perfect antidote! Delicious comfort food, a glass of wine, and watch the folks outside scurry to their cars. It’ll fix what ails you…

Valentine’s Day at Logan

It’s nearly time for Logan’s 13th Valentine’s Day celebration! Not surprisingly, reservations are going fast, but we do want to let folks know what will be happening here that night. As always, we will be offering a special five-course menu, and our regular menu gets the night off. The menu will be $70, and there will be a choice of two different wine flights chosen to accompany it.

The first flight, The Contemporary, features wines that are a little more festive and fun, and it is $35. The second flight, The Classic, features more famous and exclusive wines, and it is $50. In either case, you’ll start with a delicious sparkling wine with your first course; with each of the following courses being paired with a half-glass of wine. Each flight will be about equal to a half bottle of wine.

Also, Summer has created a special cocktail for this evening, and our full bar will be available. We hope to see you here!