April 2017 Newsletter

April 2017 Newsletter

Welcome Spring

Though we’re still feeling the last icy caress of Winter, the signs of a dawning Spring are undeniable. The days are getting longer. The Sun is higher. Everything is stirring; awakening. The life force returns, and nature provides her first gifts. Ramps and morels emerge, and we enjoy their bounty. This is always an exciting season for our kitchen when we finally can source the best of local produce as it becomes available. Don’t miss out on our special appetizers, entrees, and tasting menus throughout the month to see what we’ve found!

Appreciating Women Winemakers

Thank you all for making our first Celebration of Women Winemakers a great success, and we’re eager to make this an annual event. The wines were spectacular and your response was inspiring. But, to be honest, every month here is a celebration of gifted winemakers, female, male, or however they choose to identify. Women have had, and always will have, an important place in Logan’s wine program. That’s not going to change. And those great wines? They’re still available, if you did miss out! There’s still time!

Cocktails, Anyone?

As spring approaches, it’s time to come up with some new cocktails, and just spruce things up a little with our craft cocktails. Stop in and say hello to Monica, our great new bartender. She’s got a ton of great ideas for some new drinks for spring, and we’re busy making them work. Want to see? Grab a seat at the bar, and bring a sense of adventure. Let’s have fun!

Garden Spot

Sure, it’s a little early to start talking gardening, but we’re getting ready! As soon as we can start tilling, we’ll keep you filled in on what we’ll be growing this year for you to enjoy. Stay tuned!