April 2015 Newsletter

Logan’s Spring Celebration!

It’s been a long, cold winter, but the days are getting longer… Is Spring finally coming? Oh yeah, and it is time to celebrate! Call your friends, make a plan! It’s time to shake off the cabin fever with some great wine and food!

We invite you to enjoy our Spring Celebration: Chef’s delicious Five Course Tasting Menu, paired with a lovingly chosen flight of five wines to accentuate each course. Where will they come from? We don’t know! Why are we doing it? Because we can, and we love doing this! If you make your reservation online, please note you’d like the “Spring Celebration” so we don’t run out!

Logan’s Spring Celebration

April 7th-11th

$100 per person for food and wine

Four Seasons of Logan

For those of you who have asked “When are you doing another special wine dinner?” Your wait is over! In addition to our very popular events like Restaurant Week, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve, we want to offer you a more relaxed, set- your-own pace type of experience. Frankly, a more “Logan” type of experience.

Here’s the plan: Each season, we will pick a week to highlight our “Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu” with a specially chosen flight of five wines to accompany it perfectly. The wine selections for our Spring, Summer, and Fall flights will emphasize fun, festive wines that are also great values. Our Winter flight will correspond with our 11th Anniversary, and expect that to be more luxurious. Keep this little calendar if you must, but we also will give you plenty of notice as these dates draw near. Hope to see you all here!

Four Seasons of Logan:

Spring Celebration April 7th to 11th, $100 per person for food and wine

Summer Celebration, August 25th-29th

Autumn Celebration: October 6th-10th

Winter Celebration: November 17th-21st